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Round #3: Halloween Beasts by GingerDancer
Round #3: Halloween Beasts
So here is what the more "evil" looking Sabrithylia the Demi-Basilisk would look like. This darker look is inspired by her given topic for this round: the Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter. For those who don't know what that looks like just click here (it may or may not scare you...):…
 I will admit it was a ton of fun to put on some classic rock and go nuts with the D&D on the Snow Queen Maker to create this look for Sab!! Yes, while she is mostly a dangerous creature, Sab likes to stay away from super dark colors (only wearing them for certain holidays or special events). But even she loved her new full scales dress!!
I know the pattern in the dress isn't the same throughout, but I tried my best to keep it as close as I could....

Hosting Group: FantasyChallenges
Challenge Creator: Daughterofthehunt10
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12: :iconsonicgirl141:
13: :iconarrelline:
14: :icongingerdancer:
15: :iconfictionlover987:
17: :iconmsbrit90:
18: :iconmilleniumhopeartist:
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20: :iconbutterflycystal:
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22: :iconshamrockabsol:
23: :icondaughterofthehunt10:
25: :iconwhirlpool24:
Not sure why, but I'm in the mood to spoil my Stallion OC, Tyvan, this evening...!
Halloween Locke Ladies by GingerDancer
Halloween Locke Ladies
So the ladies of the Locke family decided to have fun with Halloween this year! Mrs. Locke went with the classic yet always fun black cat look for around the office. It is always a big hit with the littlest of patients!
As for Ms. Tess Locke... Well she may have went a little bit overboard with her costume this year, but then again she LOVES Halloween. She put together a very odd mix of things to make her outfit of a Space Princess Warrior! (You can almost hear the eye roll of her father!!!)

Mrs. Vanessa Locke will be entering in the contest for the cutest outfit.
While Tess is entering for most unique!

Characters for Sale with Prices

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 11, 2016, 7:20 PM

Alright so it’s come to my attention that while I LOVE coming up with names for characters, I just don’t give all of my characters the same amount of love and attention. So with that being said I have decided to put several characters up for sale (yes I will consider trading characters but for now I really just want to get rid of these characters). I have grouped these characters into groups based off on price ranges. Yes I will consider other forms of payment (like art or ChickenSmoothie stuff)!


From 10pts to 150pts


From 150pts to 500pts

 From 500pts to 900pts

 1,000+ pts

 **Amura is tentatively up for sale – which is why her price is rather high. While I don’t use her as often as I should she still holds a big spot in my favorites when it comes to my characters. She was one of my first canine characters that I ever got and developed. So IF I do accept an offer then it would have to be something like super duper amazing!!!


GingerDancer's Profile Picture
Caroline Ludden
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

As you could probably tell from my username, I am a true Ginger and I love to dance, but those facts are only a small part of who I am. So to tell you more about myself in what little space I have, I’ve decided to make a list of what I think you should know about me. So here is goes:

1. I love sitting down with a good book. I love reading and it gives me a place to disappear into.
2. Since I love to dance so much I love all kinds of music… well everything but Rap
3. I have a soft spot for any guy with a British, Australian, or Irish accent. That and That half smile guys have. You know the one that’s crooked and only used when they know they’re right.
4. I’m a huge fan of DCI (for those who don’t know what that is look it up!) And a little motto of mine is that: Nothing is sexier than a Trumpet (either screaming or not) solo or a solid Drumline lick.
5. I work at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I dress up as an Elf and I dance ^^
6. Some of my favorite bands include: The Beatles, McFLY, Dave Patterson, The Cavaliers, Tartanic, & Tae Yang.
7. I’m a bookworm
8. If I ever make it to Hogwarts, I would be in the Slytherin House. But because of my looks people will think that I’m a Weasley.
9. I follow/participate/believe in the Faradome ar' Yenearsira (Summer & Winter Solstice) as well as the Sheelala, Ehtele'mele, ar' Yavieba (Spring Festival, Vernal Equinox & Autumnal Equinox.) I consider myself a child of the Goddess ( in some religions the term used would be God) and I practice in a mix of Druidry and Wicca.
10. I want to see the world. Not just fly over it, but actually travel throughout the world. Learning the languages, meeting the people, seeing the animals, actually living. So that when I die I can say that I lived my life to its fullest.
11. I am a Scorpio. You have been warned.
12. Some nicknames I’ve gotten throughout the years are: Daywalker/Nightwalker, Red, Ginger, Vixen, Elf-girl, Care bear, & Phoenix
13. I have three favorite colors: Black, Blue & Purple (mainly dark shades of purple)

Are you scared of Clowns? 

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4 deviants said Yes!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday C:
I hope it was filled with happiness and good cheer.
As for the Llama badge, you deserved it! Your designs are seriously amazing and one day I will snag one!
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OH! OH! I love you! Thank you so much! Both a llama and a cake badge. You are amazing! Thank you for the birthday wish too. 
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Thanks for the gift hun, with all i been going theough your dont know how much your kindness has affected me.. Reminding me there is SOME good people (curious to what i mean check my recent journal) anywyas i appreciate all you ever done for me
GingerDancer Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, of course sweetie! I saw both posts (the on CS and here) and I'm so sorry!
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Ahh thank you for helping me out! i really appreciate it~
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