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FC Other: Ziru's Parents

Hey everyone!!

So I’ve mentioned Ziru’s parents a few times now and I never really thought about what they would actually look like until tonight.  So I wanted to share with you her parents (both are sadly dead at this point in time).


Her Father

Name:  Peter Williams

Origin: Alabama, USA

Age: 27 (he was around 31 when he was killed)

Job: Explorer

Her Mother

Name:  Arasiy

Age: In Yeti years she would be in her early 100’s, but in human she would be about 25

Job: Princess/Teacher


FC Round 8: What Could Have Been

Overall the Yeti is a rather peaceful species. Of course there are to be expected fights or “battles” within the species (mainly between the Nyalmot and the Raksi-Bombo. These two groups have never really gotten along) but for the most part the only time the Yeti is known to be violent is when Humans invade their territories.  The biggest population of Yetis is known to be hidden somewhere within the Himalayan Mountains which are guarded by several “peace keeping” Buddhist temples and monks who have made treaties with the Yeti tribes that live above them in the mountains to keep their whereabouts a secret.

Within the culture of the Rimi Tribe war is to be used as a last resort only, but do not take this tribe to be weak. For what the Rimi Tribe may lack in overall numbers or strength they make up for in stealth and ice magic. It is rumored to believe that the Rimi’s are by far the most powerful when it comes to ice magic or any sort of “cold” magic. It is not known if it is because they would rather spend their time learning and understanding that they are able to tap in to the gene or the power source more readily than the other Tribes, but if put to the test a member of the Rimi Tribe will always outdo those of the other two tribes when it comes to magic.


Ziru was taught the history of her tribe, as were all little ones when they were of the correct age. The one thing that always fascinated her the most was the magic lessons. She was able to grasps the concepts at such a young age and faster than all the others of her class. Though this was not a surprise to those who knew of her mother; her mother was a strong ice mage as well and most would agree that if she didn’t die at such a young age (it is truly amazing what a broken heart can do) that she would have been a wonderful mother and Chief if she had been given the time to live. Had her mother not have passed away, Ziru would have been raised not as the oddity that she was used to but as a strong princess and future Chief. She would have taken over her Tribe and carry on the ways…


Elder Chief Dzishir sighed as he rubbed his temples. He hated how things played out. He never expected for his only child, his daughter, to fall in love with a human explorer who somehow managed to stumble upon their home… Or to have to lay his child to rest before his own time. Nor did he ever want the life his granddaughter was forced to live. She was too young to be crowned the next Chief when her mother died and there was no way he would have let the monster that killed his daughter take his granddaughter too. He never wanted her to see him kill her father. Time was never a friend to him. But the monster needed to be put down. He knew far too much and could not be trusted to keep their Tribe a secret.

Ziru could have been one of the strongest, most powerful Chiefs that the Rimi Tribe would have ever seen. And yet she refused; someone who refused to live within the Courts and be taught the correct ways must be dealt with. She refused so much and so she was sent away to live with an old medicine woman of the tribe, Mebazi, and Dzishir hated himself for doing so.

He could see her now. What she could have been. Her white and brown cloak (one that belonged to her mother of course) draped over her shoulders as she stood tall and proud…

Hey everyone!! So this entry was a bit longer than I wanted, but it has a lot of information that I'm using to help me work on Ziru as a character and not just a model! So here is her entry for round 8!
So for Ziru I was given the Bandersnatch from the newer Alice in Wonderland movies. It was rather hard to figure out how to make certain colors work on Ziru's pale blue body, so I had to make this one simple and keep the brown to the cape/cloak thing. 
As for the story it goes from some information about the Yeti tribes (because I can) and then to the POV of the Elder Chief Dzishir who just so happens to be Ziru's grandfather. How Ziru looks for this entry is how he imagines her to be now, as the Rimi Chief.  (I hope that helps clear that up!!)

Hosting Group: FantasyChallenges

Challenge Creator: Daughterofthehunt10


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Helping Out a Friend

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 6:41 PM
Hey everyone!!
So its officially the holiday season and I have a dear friend who has some amazing YCH's and Open Commissions that are fairly priced and will be worth every penny!
vee-darling is a sweetheart and I love her work (I actually own a few members of some of her closed species plus I just adore her art style!). She would like to get to rats spayed which is a very good cause.... But sadly is a bit pricey.
So it would mean the world to both myself and her if you wouldn't mind checking out her YCH and the journal for open Commissions/character sales:

comms open/selling characters, please help

YCH! 1 OPEN! any species! by vee-darling  YCH! 2 open! any species! by vee-darling

So yeah!
 Please go check her out!


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As you could probably tell from my username, I am a true Ginger and I love to dance, but those facts are only a small part of who I am. So to tell you more about myself in what little space I have, I’ve decided to make a list of what I think you should know about me. So here is goes:

1. I love sitting down with a good book. I love reading and it gives me a place to disappear into.
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5. I work at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I dress up as an Elf and I dance ^^
6. Some of my favorite bands include: The Beatles, McFLY, Dave Patterson, The Cavaliers, Tartanic, & Tae Yang.
7. I’m a bookworm
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9. I follow/participate/believe in the Faradome ar' Yenearsira (Summer & Winter Solstice) as well as the Sheelala, Ehtele'mele, ar' Yavieba (Spring Festival, Vernal Equinox & Autumnal Equinox.) I consider myself a child of the Goddess ( in some religions the term used would be God) and I practice in a mix of Druidry and Wicca.
10. I want to see the world. Not just fly over it, but actually travel throughout the world. Learning the languages, meeting the people, seeing the animals, actually living. So that when I die I can say that I lived my life to its fullest.
11. I am a Scorpio. You have been warned.
12. Some nicknames I’ve gotten throughout the years are: Daywalker/Nightwalker, Red, Ginger, Vixen, Elf-girl, Care bear, & Phoenix
13. I have three favorite colors: Black, Blue & Purple (mainly dark shades of purple)

Another "Help Me Narrow Down a Name" Poll. (Answer if you want, if not I understand!) 

4 deviants said Belladonna (nightshade)
1 deviant said Naenia (a type of moth)
1 deviant said Devika ("little goddess" in Hindi)
No deviants said Character in Question:…
No deviants said I'm thinking to make her Female
No deviants said Or do you think male?
No deviants said Name Ideas:


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