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MG Round 4: Ballroom Gowns and Dresses :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 0 0 MG Round 4: Gown for the Priestess :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 8 2 MG Contest: Pretty Pastels :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 7 5 DMD Round 22: Gorgeous Sari :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 9 2 MG Round 3: Galaxy Gala Gown :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 8 1 MG Round 3: Gala Dresses :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 4 1 DE Round 2: Denmark :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 6 2 FC Round 11: As Time Goes On :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 1 DLC Round 10: Oh Please Let There be Alcohol :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 7 1 FC Round 11: Rainbow Roses :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 2 FC Round 11: The Dragon Slayer :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 6 8 Vera Tolr :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 0 What an Odd Bunch :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 5 SoL Introduction: Sebastian Lochburn :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 4 2 SoL Introduction: Vera Tolr :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 2 FC Rounds 9 and 10: Thyra :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 2


[YCH] Feline cool down [OPEN] :iconborguare:Borguare 7 3 [OPEN] Dreadblossom - HORRIDEA :iconsaishan:saishan 65 19
Lion customs 100-200pts - open
Interested in a custom lion ? :3
Then come no further i am here. They will be 100-200pts depending on how complex.
But as long as i have some color and ideas for markings and such it should be fine.
I can do natural and fantasy lions.
So you don't need to just order a natural colored lion. I will happily do a more fantasy style lion 
Like so 
samples and bases i own. Just tell me which you'd like used.

:icon100lionasses:100LionAsses 3 0
Sefu Breeding 013 [Results] :iconthulianshadow:ThulianShadow 4 1 Sefu Breeding 012 [Results :iconthulianshadow:ThulianShadow 5 1 Dark days :iconaeternum-designs:Aeternum-designs 171 0 Adopt Auction [OPEN] Toxic Lizard :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 98 26
Commissions [Closed]
I figured i'd open my commissions again since i've been feeling more productive recently
if you've ordered a commission before and for some reason have not received it (and you've already paid) please note me!
I'm kinda wanting to do screenshots and comics right now so just a btw
I kinda want a "project"

100  = $1

Not first come first serve

Have payment ready BEFORE the order is finished

I MAY work for lower prices if for some reason you cannot afford these. Just ask!
No refunds one the piece is finished
Icons: 50

Free shading
Optional sparkles/borders
Headshot only

Bust/Headshot: 200
:icongoat-the-goatie-goat:Goat-the-Goatie-Goat 14 147
ROUND 4: Strictly Ballroom
Hi guys. Its time for Round 4 and for once, I have no new news! *heh*
Lets get started...
I was really stumped for what to do. A lot of people have already done broadway dresses and (as much as I love them) I wanted you guys to get something new, so...Ballroom Dancing dresses!!
*For those of you whose Images have backs, you do not need to make them!*
My example-
The images:
1. msbrit90:
(Sorry its so small)
3. CatWoman-cali-onyx:
4. RachbakN:
5. Sonicgirl141:
6. flowerpower71:
7. flowerpower71:
:iconmodels-galore:Models-Galore 6 13
Confused Look - YCH :iconcy4n4d3v1l:Cy4n4D3v1L 1 7 Lion Family YCH[Open|Points|Set Price] :iconthulianshadow:ThulianShadow 9 9 TLK Adoptables {OTA} :iconazzy-lionblood:Azzy-Lionblood 6 19
LF simple yet HQ designs?
I'll look at about anything canine maybe felines maybe i need the practice and natural-ish
designers i like: 
Deli-punk (Mainly)
but I will look at anything
i can offer points and characters
:iconmechanical-masochist:Mechanical-Masochist 1 90
:YCH:Pegasus or alicorn 2 slots Open! :iconshyzu:Shyzu 6 3 Ych (open) :icondiscrete-disguise:Discrete-Disguise 4 15
Concerning the Empty Throne
Hello Everyone, I regret to inform the court that Nobody has not replied to my note and her account says she wasn't been active for twenty-eight weeks. I don't think she's coming back. This leaves us with a bit of mess.
We have to stage a coup.
Why? She's the founder of the group and therefore has the most administrative power. By the most I mean almost all. The power Nobody and I have is mostly cosmetic. To give you an idea of this I spent an hour just trying to make Whitewolf a co-founder in the end I found a back door of sorts but that does us very little good. We can't have an empty throne/founder but getting rid of a queen is a lot easier then getting rid of a founder. The simplest solution I've come up with is to physically create a new group and move, but who would found this group? That is up to you.
We will have an election. If you feel like you could give this group the attention it deserves and run it effectively please nominate yourself in the comments. Som
:iconfancypants-rothere:Fancypants-Rothere 6 11


Okay so a good number of you have expressed your interest in the story I have playing around with and have asked me to write something more than just small snippets that I put into my model entries. So I was wondering if you (as a collective whole) would rather have like a story plot/timeline/terms and town/townspeople introduction sort of thing first then small chapters or just have me submit chapters/snippets? I am very scattered with this project and haven’t really done much other than create a basic outline, but if you really want to read this then I will work on it.

MG Round 4: Ballroom Gowns and Dresses

It wasn’t often that Ione accepted the invitations to the many Balls hosted at Court for several reasons. The main one being that she hated just about everyone who attended these sorts of functions and hated to deal with the falseness of it all. The fake happy greetings and the fake compliments over what each other were wearing and how they styled their hair (and don’t get her started on those who wore the ridiculous wigs).  Yet here she was; dressed up in some turquoise number with pearls stitched into her bodice and far too many ruffles for her liking.

As soon as she made it to the main floor she found one of the waiters walking around with a tray of champagne and downed a glass before taking another one and walking around the outside edge. She smiled and nodded politely in greeting but refused to actually stop to talk to people.  If it wasn’t for Vera demanding that she made an appearance this early spring eve, Ione would have been back at her shop dressed in something much more comfortable and reading a good book! And where in the world was Vera for crying out loud!?  Ione grumbled to herself as she accepted another glass of champagne before finding a seat at one of the many tables scattered around the room.

“Already on glass number three are we?” Ione knew that condescending voice anywhere. Without looking away from the dance floor she kicked out the seat next to her.

“You kept me waiting, Tolr.” Ione smirked. “Besides one needs to be at a healthy amount of drunkenness to survive these sorts of events. You of all people should know that.”

The rich laugh of Vera Tolr drew attention from across the room as the purple haired beauty sat down across from Ione.

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Conley, but I had matters with the King that needed to be sorted out. I’m sure you would understand. Then again you have been away from Court for several years…”

Ione stuck her tongue out (in a very unladylike manner) but smiled nonetheless. The two sat in a comfortable silence for a few songs before Ione spoke up again.

“Why exactly did you demand my presence here tonight? It’s not like it’s the Beltane Festival or the Queen’s Birthday Ball. Nothing of importance is happening and yet you send me this ridiculous dress and threaten me with force if I did not attend.”

Vera pursed her lips together and glanced around before answering.

“I am only going to say this one, Conley, so you better listen carefully. It pains me more than I think possible for you to imagine to have to ask you of all people for this, but I need your help. And this was the only way I can think of that we could talk without causing a stir. Well at least too much of one.”
Holy crap I actually wrote a mini scene for a change!!
Anyway, here is my entry for round 4 with my model Ione Conley. Her dress was rather difficult for me to recreate so please don't hate me for what sort of monster dress I made. I tried.
The original:…
Challenge Group: Models-Galore 
Challenge Host: ForeverThirteen 

1. msbrit90  
3. CatWoman-cali-onyx 
4. RachbakN 
5. Sonicgirl141 
6.  @flowerpower71
7. flowerpower71 
8. MilleniumHopeArtist
10.  MadastheHatter27
11. casimirnightshade
12. allyvania88 
13.  MilleniumHopeArtist
14. aotearoa-geek13 
15. IndyGirl89 
17. evilredcaboose 
18.  @visenyatargaryen12
19.  @FairyGirl157
20.  @IndyGirl89
21.  LavenderSeaFairy

24. visenyatargaryen12 
26. GingerDancer 
29.  @EchoesOfAnEnigma

31. @casimirnightshade
32. DionneJinn 
33. MasterOf4Elements 
34. LaSerenity 
35.  @aotearoa-geek13
37. DarkQueen013 
38.  DarkQueen013 
39. @DionneJinn
41. Daughterofthehunt10 
42. Sonicgirl141
45. ForeverThirteen
46.  @CatWoman-cali-onyx
47. @evilredcaboose
50. GingerDancer
52. Daughterofthehunt10



ToyHouse Help Wanted

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 7:37 PM

So I’ve had a Toyhouse account for maybe a year now, and while I really like how it has helped me keep my characters organized I really don’t understand how to code up a good looking character page. I know that I need to get a premium account to make the background page be colorful and whatnot, but how do I make/build a basic but functioning and good looking character page?

(Does that make any sense?)

I guess I’m looking for tips and tricks for how to make a good looking CSS/HTML character page.

Anyone got any ideas?


GingerDancer's Profile Picture
Caroline Ludden
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

As you could probably tell from my username, I am a true Ginger and I love to dance, but those facts are only a small part of who I am. So to tell you more about myself in what little space I have, I’ve decided to make a list of what I think you should know about me. So here is goes:

1. I love sitting down with a good book. I love reading and it gives me a place to disappear into.
2. Since I love to dance so much I love all kinds of music… well everything but Rap
3. I have a soft spot for any guy with a British, Australian, or Irish accent. That and That half smile guys have. You know the one that’s crooked and only used when they know they’re right.
4. I’m a huge fan of DCI (for those who don’t know what that is look it up!) And a little motto of mine is that: Nothing is sexier than a Trumpet (either screaming or not) solo or a solid Drumline lick.
5. I work at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I dress up as an Elf and I dance ^^
6. Some of my favorite bands include: The Beatles, McFLY, Dave Patterson, The Cavaliers, Tartanic, & Tae Yang.
7. I’m a bookworm
8. If I ever make it to Hogwarts, I would be in the Slytherin House. But because of my looks people will think that I’m a Weasley.
9. I follow/participate/believe in the Faradome ar' Yenearsira (Summer & Winter Solstice) as well as the Sheelala, Ehtele'mele, ar' Yavieba (Spring Festival, Vernal Equinox & Autumnal Equinox.) I consider myself a child of the Goddess ( in some religions the term used would be God) and I practice in a mix of Druidry and Wicca.
10. I want to see the world. Not just fly over it, but actually travel throughout the world. Learning the languages, meeting the people, seeing the animals, actually living. So that when I die I can say that I lived my life to its fullest.
11. I am a Scorpio. You have been warned.
12. Some nicknames I’ve gotten throughout the years are: Daywalker/Nightwalker, Red, Ginger, Vixen, Elf-girl, Care bear, & Phoenix
13. I have three favorite colors: Black, Blue & Purple (mainly dark shades of purple)

Another "Help Me Narrow Down a Name" Poll. (Answer if you want, if not I understand!) 

4 deviants said Belladonna (nightshade)
2 deviants said Naenia (a type of moth)
1 deviant said Devika ("little goddess" in Hindi)
No deviants said Character in Question:…
No deviants said I'm thinking to make her Female
No deviants said Or do you think male?
No deviants said Name Ideas:


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