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Her Return to the Yard by GingerDancer Her Return to the Yard :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 9 6 Kittens for Sale (5/8 Open) by GingerDancer Kittens for Sale (5/8 Open) :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 9 3
How it Began: The Story of Khepri
In her first life Khepri was just another stray Sphynx who lived on the streets of Alexandria. It was thanks to the Gods and Goddesses that she was able to survive kitten hood let alone make it to be a mature adult cat roaming the busy streets. She had many close calls, but it was as if she had a guardian angel or patron deity that was watching over her. Each night she was able to find shelter, get enough scraps to eat for the day, and always find the perfect sunny spot to bask in.
It was on an unusually hot day that Khepri stumbled into the Temple of Bast in search for shade and something to quench her thirst. The sweet, cool air of the temple felt like a gentle hand running over her body as she went deeper in.  When she reached what looked like an altar she noticed a bowl of water that was left unguarded. While a voice in the back of her mind was screaming for her to not drink the water, her thirst overpowered her and she greedily drank.
As she drank, Khepri felt a tingling sens
:icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 0 1
DE Round 7 and 8 by GingerDancer DE Round 7 and 8 :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 6 1
Characters for Sale (Willing to Haggle on Prices)
I know there are so many of these journals out there already, but I have some characters that I would love to find new homes for. I just haven't been able to keep up with all the ones I have and I hate seeing them collect dust.
I am willing to haggle on prices, but please don't try to cheat me. I know what these characters are worth. Most come with extra pieces of art as well.
Please comment down below if anyone looks good to you and we can work something out between the two of us. I am mainly looking for points only however I will consider art as payment.
100pts or Less
300pts or Less
250pts: https://toyhou
:icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 0 0
DMD Rounds 26 to 28 by GingerDancer DMD Rounds 26 to 28 :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 12 7
The Return of the Lady Knight and Royal Commander
The morning sun wasn’t even awake as a cloaked figure weaved their way through the dimly halls of the Great Castle. The only sounds that could be heard were the soft slapping of their boots hitting the stone floor and the soft clink of their sword hilt bouncing against their left leg. The mysterious figured kept a brisk pace as they made their way to the chambers of Lady “Lace” Lacriel. Once reaching the door she knocked softly three times before a crisp voice called out.
The cloaked figured opened the door and slid inside, making sure to close the door shut before pulling down the hood of their cloak revealing bright white hair.  Dropping to a knee, the figure lowered their head and waited to be spoken to.
“It’s about time you found your way back to Court, Commander Oamra; we were starting to think you too had gone missing.” The normally gentle voice was lined with a harsh undertone. “Oh get up off of the floor, Daniy
:icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 7 2
DE Round 6: Birds by GingerDancer DE Round 6: Birds :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 8 1 DLC Round 13: Miraculous Dolphin by GingerDancer DLC Round 13: Miraculous Dolphin :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 1 DMD Round 25: A 1950s Housewife by GingerDancer DMD Round 25: A 1950s Housewife :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 6 2
FPK - A Knighthood History
There are three main steps in becoming a Knight of the Kingdom: Page, Squire, and Knight. All ranks have their own sets of rules and obligations. The years of training are hard and full of struggle, but it helps weed out those who are not fit to hold the title of Knight.
When a boy (or on the rare occasion a girl) hits the age of seven they enter in as a Page.  (While most Pages are of Noble birth there are some cases of poorer family members selling their children to wealthier families to have the honor of their child become a Knight or even scramble up enough money to send their child to the Castle to train as a Knight.) They are placed on an early training regime of hunting with huntsmen and falconers, and academic studies with priests or chaplains. Pages then become assistants to older knights in battle, carrying and cleaning armor, taking care of the horses, and packing the baggage. They would accompany the knights on expeditions, even into foreign lands. Older pages were ins
:icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 4 3
Humanized Juniperis by GingerDancer Humanized Juniperis :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 7 0 Humanized Solanaceae by GingerDancer Humanized Solanaceae :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 9 2 SoLD Round 2: Of the Rising Sun by GingerDancer SoLD Round 2: Of the Rising Sun :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 5 1 DE Round 5: Flapper Girl by GingerDancer DE Round 5: Flapper Girl :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 8 2 MD Bonus Round 2: Magical Girls by GingerDancer MD Bonus Round 2: Magical Girls :icongingerdancer:GingerDancer 10 3


Agate Adoptables [open] by BecomeThePotato Agate Adoptables [open] :iconbecomethepotato:BecomeThePotato 23 2
Model Challenge #11: Hear This Song and Remember
Creative title, huh? ;) Here we are with the eleventh challenge, which is pretty music boxes. Here's my example: The music "box" pictured is one of my own. Here's the one I assigned myself: Yes, it's the music box from "Anastasia", which I also own, along with the necklace.
Goal for this one is to create an outfit based on your assigned music box. If your music box has a figurine, please create the figurine. If you have a themed music box, like from a specific movie, please create the character(s) that are shown.
As always, before we begin, here's a quick recap of the rules:
RULE #1: This challenge is just for fun. It is not for participants to see who can out-doll someone else.
RULE #2: Each round will have its own theme. You will be provided with
:icondoll-enthusiasts:Doll-Enthusiasts 4 12
Rainbow Valkyrie QuartzREDUCED  (OPEN) by Howlie-z Rainbow Valkyrie QuartzREDUCED (OPEN) :iconhowlie-z:Howlie-z 25 2 (DND char) Florence Nightingshade by Howlie-z (DND char) Florence Nightingshade :iconhowlie-z:Howlie-z 15 2
Ladies and gentlemen! Children young and old! An announcement for all!
Her most gracious Imperial Majesty, Pharaoh Isiseth Hathor Hatshepsut III, has decided to hold auditions for new performers in the world famous Sun Eye Circus! To better focus on her royal duties, Her Majesty is stepping down as a performer and ringmaster of the show.
Her royal consort, Lord Murciélago, shall remain as manager, but all new acts are welcome to try out!
Can you juggle? Sing? Dance? Are you good with animals? Do you think you'd make people laugh as a clown? Then come step up and put on your best show!!!

The kingdom of Illurage is much smaller compared to the other three right now, so let's fix those numbers.
The Sun Eye Circus is the traveling court of Pharaoh, and all members, performers and stage hands alike, have sworn loyalty to her.
At present, the company consists of the star attraction and acrobat Echo, avian tamer Lapis, large cat tamer King, blade dancer and fortuneteller Hexblade
:iconthefancypantskingdom:TheFancyPantsKingdom 5 6
Opal Customs by Howlie-z Opal Customs :iconhowlie-z:Howlie-z 19 4 [BOTH OPEN] Gold an Forest Diamond Adopts by AngelDracon [BOTH OPEN] Gold an Forest Diamond Adopts :iconangeldracon:AngelDracon 47 3 Grass 01 by Kokamii Grass 01 :iconkokamii:Kokamii 101 0 Succulents and skull in bottle [F2U] by Sara-Sylvanas Succulents and skull in bottle [F2U] :iconsara-sylvanas:Sara-Sylvanas 15 3 Cat skull pixel F2U! by WAR-H0UND Cat skull pixel F2U! :iconwar-h0und:WAR-H0UND 18 5 i always hoped by DEClDUEYES i always hoped :icondecldueyes:DEClDUEYES 13 0 Terarrium by raionxdesu Terarrium :iconraionxdesu:raionxdesu 952 45 FREE Forest Custom Box By Nashie-C by Nashie-C FREE Forest Custom Box By Nashie-C :iconnashie-c:Nashie-C 86 4 F2U Non-Core Bulbasaur Custombox! by Nashie-C F2U Non-Core Bulbasaur Custombox! :iconnashie-c:Nashie-C 80 4 Mooncatcher [F2U] by Martith Mooncatcher [F2U] :iconmartith:Martith 778 84 Native antlers decor [F2U] by Martith Native antlers decor [F2U] :iconmartith:Martith 518 53


Flock of Bones MYO Raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 22, 2017, 10:28 PM
One of the closed species groups here on DA that I'm a member of is having a MYO raffle! There will be 4 winners & Mystic and Rare traits available!!!

Three emoty Tower

If you are interested just click on the link below to go to the Raffle's page:

Flock of Bones MYO Raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 22, 2017, 10:28 PM
One of the closed species groups here on DA that I'm a member of is having a MYO raffle! There will be 4 winners & Mystic and Rare traits available!!!

Three emoty Tower

If you are interested just click on the link below to go to the Raffle's page:


GingerDancer's Profile Picture
Caroline Ludden
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

As you could probably tell from my username, I am a true Ginger and I love to dance, but those facts are only a small part of who I am. So to tell you more about myself in what little space I have, I’ve decided to make a list of what I think you should know about me. So here is goes:

1. I love sitting down with a good book. I love reading and it gives me a place to disappear into.
2. Since I love to dance so much I love all kinds of music… well everything but Rap
3. I have a soft spot for any guy with a British, Australian, or Irish accent. That and That half smile guys have. You know the one that’s crooked and only used when they know they’re right.
4. I’m a huge fan of DCI (for those who don’t know what that is look it up!) And a little motto of mine is that: Nothing is sexier than a Trumpet (either screaming or not) solo or a solid Drumline lick.
5. I work at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I dress up as an Elf and I dance ^^
6. Some of my favorite bands include: The Beatles, McFLY, Dave Patterson, The Cavaliers, Tartanic, & Tae Yang.
7. I’m a bookworm
8. If I ever make it to Hogwarts, I would be in the Slytherin House. But because of my looks people will think that I’m a Weasley.
9. I follow/participate/believe in the Faradome ar' Yenearsira (Summer & Winter Solstice) as well as the Sheelala, Ehtele'mele, ar' Yavieba (Spring Festival, Vernal Equinox & Autumnal Equinox.) I consider myself a child of the Goddess ( in some religions the term used would be God) and I practice in a mix of Druidry and Wicca.
10. I want to see the world. Not just fly over it, but actually travel throughout the world. Learning the languages, meeting the people, seeing the animals, actually living. So that when I die I can say that I lived my life to its fullest.
11. I am a Scorpio. You have been warned.
12. Some nicknames I’ve gotten throughout the years are: Daywalker/Nightwalker, Red, Ginger, Vixen, Elf-girl, Care bear, & Phoenix
13. I have three favorite colors: Black, Blue & Purple (mainly dark shades of purple)

Another "Help Me Narrow Down a Name" Poll. (Answer if you want, if not I understand!) 

4 deviants said Belladonna (nightshade)
3 deviants said Naenia (a type of moth)
1 deviant said Devika ("little goddess" in Hindi)
No deviants said Character in Question:…
No deviants said I'm thinking to make her Female
No deviants said Or do you think male?
No deviants said Name Ideas:


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ParadoxSketchbook Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I draw your Torimori? :)

If so can you link me the main tracker your use or the reference for your Torimori(s)?
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Imma just pop in here to say you are a wonderful person, and i love everything about you<3

boops out <3
GingerDancer Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*blushes like mad and is left very confused yet happy*
Thank you? I am very flattered over this but very confused? Are you sure you got the right page my dear??
Mirakuria Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Student General Artist
hahahaha, just wanted to let you know you are amazing to me <3
GingerDancer Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You are far too kind my dear.
It is I that should be singing songs of praise about you <3
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Hi! Thank you so much for the :+fav:

I'm glad you like my work!
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